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We've all been there: A nice pleasant day cruise on a Saturday afternoon, favorite beverage in one hand, helm in the other, with our favorite tropical tunes playing on the stereo. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the sky turns dark, the water turns darker still, and the seat cushions are starting to blow out of the cockpit. "Where did that squall come from?" everyone asks. Well, the same place as always - from behind the tree they were hiding behind.

With modern technology, the surprise squall can be a thing of the past. Of course, RADAR has been around for decades, and works very well at identifying storm cells and other objects. However, RADAR lacks the ability to see into the future and forecast the weather patterns.

RADAR Sample

Welcome to the age of Satellite Weather. With Sirius and XM satellite weather data systems, you can have your cake and eat it, too.

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For as little as $9.95 USD per month, you can subscribe to a satellite weather service and receive detailed weather charts right on your chartplotter. Since the weather charts are overlaid right on your navigation charts, there is never a question about whether your intended route is being affected by severe weather conditions.

Sirius Satellite Weather Sample

To add icing to your cake, many satellite weather data systems from Furuno, Garmin, Northstar, Raymarine, Simrad and more are capable of receiving satellite radio signals as well. You no longer have to bring along a stack of CDs or remember to load your MP3 player. Satellite radio has it all!

Whether you are cruising offshore or fishing on an inland lake, a satellite weather data system can be a great addition to your boat. The peace of mind - and the pleasant satellite radio music - make boating more enjoyable.

Happy cruising!
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